Now’s the Time – Start Making Real Money!

Finally, a Breakthrough Dental Assisting Program Guaranteed to give you an Amazing New Career after 10 Fun, Easy Weeks

As a recent high school graduate, a mother re-entering workforce, a concerned parent seeking to help a child, someone just wanting a change we all want to something better than a dead-end job.

Dental Assisting is the Answer

Earn money. Dental assistants make over double minumum wage. The average wage for dental assistants in area is over $17 per hour.

Better Environment. Work in a clean environment health conscious people in a setting that encourages improvement and has lots of fun, interesting interactions all kinds of people.

Better Future. Dental assisting has a strong future of growth. In addition, dental assisting provides additional options for advancement into office management and even dental hygiene. 

More Stability. Despite economic upturns and downturns dental services are always needed and dental assisting jobs are always available.

Better Hours. No Nights or Weekends. Almost all dental practices work a traditional daytime schedule. In addition, the large majority of dental practices get their full time hours in 4 days per week. Therefore, most dental assistants have an extra day off each week.

The Problem

Most dentists are unwilling to hire and train someone who has no previous dental training or experience. Therefore, your best option is to find a good dental assisting training program. However, most dental assisting programs are too long and too expensive. Many programs last 6, 12, or 18 months. Many programs cost $12,000 – $20,000.

The Solution

Genesis Dental Assistant School. Our breakthrough program is only 10 weeks. Our program cost is 70% less than these high priced options. Our school operates in an actual functioning dental practice. You will be instructed using state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and will spend the majority of your time training, learning, and practicing on functioning, up-to-date dental equipment in the dental practice. You can literally double your income in 10 fun, easy weeks!

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